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In children's books of English folkloreelves are often portrayed as mischievous little boys who are very small with leaf-shaped ears and blond hair. The literal connotations, which may be ironic or downright pejorative, have often been eroded by common use. By analogy, "boy" can also refer as an anthropomorphic term to a young male or any male of another animal, either in general or species-specific; in the last case it may even have a specific term, notably derived from a name given to boys, such as "billy goat" for a 'boy' goat, or tomcat known sincefor any male cat; but just tom, applied to male kittens, is recorded since c. Thus the compound -man can then be replaced by -boyas in footboy ; or boy is simply added, either as a prefix e. Muhammad and the People of the Book. Part of a series on. I'm sorry that it's taken me almost 40 years to admit this, but we failed you and I owe you an apology from all of us that came before you.

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Conversely, it may feel uncomfortable to a male to be called a "boy" if he believes he has assumed the traditional roles of a "man".

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