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Before that, she flirted with the 6'2" Lewis. Dwight and Miho from Sin City is a platonic example. Female elephant seals typically grow to about lbs, while the males average a whopping lbs and have been known to reach as much as lbs! It looks like he's kidnapping her This doesn't happen so explicitly but that's what happens throughout the series. Enemy of My Enemy has Sarah Jennings - a young, human girl - form a strong bond of friendship with two Seperatist Hunters whom she dubs 'Jib' and 'Jubb'.

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Eddings' later work The Elenium has Sir Sparhawk, repeatedly described as an uncommonly tall and burly bruiser of a man, and his eventual wife Queen Ehlana.

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At one point, during a Pregnancy Scareshe panicked when when she was told that Marshall was the size of a Thanksgiving turkey when born. Although Ragamuffin from Lenore the Cute Little Dead Girl is trapped in a small doll for the most part of the comics, when he is turned into his old vampire self the difference in height between him and Lenore is really noticeable. Moose and Midge from Archie Comics. A presumably Non-romantic example in Goblins: Richard towers over most adults and he's still growing. And it's the other way around with the Black Queen and Jack Noir, who stands a head shorter than her at least.

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