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But I just think of it as a stream of consciousness in images. Nevertheless they know their neighbours and they know their place in the hierarchy, which they figure out by wrestling with their tusks and trunks. Elephants secrete chemicals from temporal glands that are behind their eyes. Two separate worlds When a calf elephant is born, its whole life is determined based on the sex it belongs to. Young wild-born elephants are removed from their mothers in Myanmar for use in Thailand's tourism industry. Baby Elephant Facts Baby elephants are cute - there are no two ways about that.

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They can't see very well when they are born, but much like human babies, they can recognise their mothers by touch, scent, and sound.

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They roamed the park area together and occasionally visited female herds. Poaching of elephants for ivory is a serious threat in some parts of Asia. Being the oldest, she has the experience and knowledge that will ensure the survival of the herd in times of hardship. The importance of touch Although elephants communicate mainly with sounds and smells, touch is also of great importance in their lives. Elephants need excellent memory skills in order to survive in the wild, and can recognise a previous companion or family member by the scent of their urine alone. Indian elephants tend to be smaller in stature than African elephants and have adapted to live in the lush, wet and humid conditions of tropical Asia. She will take them to water and food beyond their usual range, and teach them how to protect themselves from danger.

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