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Jen hosts a party to boost the department's popularity, but it backfires when Moss accidentally recalls an inappropriate story. Douglas attempts to represent himself in the trial, with Jen's assistance. As Roy calls Moss away for help to escape, Jen investigates what's behind a strange red door in the department that Roy and Moss have forbidden her to open. Jen and Roy turn to Moss, who makes his pepper spray into a useful product, but it backfires in a demo. Edit Did You Know?

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When Jen finally spots the disgruntled Gary urinating in her bathtub, she botches her attempt to record the incident and accidentally sends the footage to a monitor at an investor conference.

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Douglas travels far and wide in his quest to bed Jen and is given rohypnol by a mysterious, blind sorcerer. Jen and Roy visit the coffee shop, but Roy's presence disrupts Jen's barista and she is served bad coffee. Stop doing this, you're always doing this, you're making it go back in! Douglas's second wife Victoria, who had disappeared after two weeks of marriage, reunites with Douglas. However, they are raided by the police who are concerned that the video was pirated. Jen has finally found love with her new boyfriend, and to celebrate their happiness they host a dinner party for six of their single friends:

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it crowd roy online dating
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