Radiocarbon dating marine shells

Depending on the age of the marine carbonate, a to year correction i. Calcite that has recrystallized, and therefore a contaminant, is white and chalky and easily removed by drilling. This phenomenon, accompanied by the conversion of aragonite to calcite, also alters the carbon 14 ratio. It has been shown that powdered carbonates will absorb atmospheric CO2 due to the very large surface area. The most common contaminants of shell samples for radiocarbon dating are those that are caused by isotopic exchange and recrystallization.

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In certain parts of the globe, the equatorial region in particular, deep waters move up.

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If you continue to browse this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. This phenomenon is latitude dependent and occurs as a consequence of trade winds. Any carbon-containing substance that can change the carbon 14 content of a shell sample upon contact is a contaminant. Reservoir Effect on Shells. According to scientific studies, shellfish obtain organic carbon from marine or terrestrial plants and inorganic carbon from ocean water bicarbonate, atmospheric carbon dioxide, or freshwater bicarbonate. AMS labs perform pretreatment before carbon 14 dating to remove all possible contaminants that would lead to inaccurate results.

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radiocarbon dating marine shells
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radiocarbon dating marine shells
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