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By the end of the episode, Robin agrees to do laundry for the next year to make it up to Raven for trying to force her to do laundry when it was his day to do so on the chore list. But when they opened the door they found Robin on top of Starfire. However, when she expresses her admiration, Robin is worried and assumes the worst about Stafire's absence. He's clearly obsessed with her. The Titans all sat in the common room watching a movie. So this morning when I awakened I decided not to be clothed.

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The various Titans all take turns wearing it until it happens to be worn by Cyborg when Raven interrupts them, angry at them stealing her clothes.

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Starfire walked in and BB was the first to notice her. Raven is happy at first that she doesn't have to do any of those annoying activities, but soon grows jealous of Starfire getting the attention from Trigon that Raven never received. Unlike his teammates, Cyborg's costume is, well, his actual body. The original Teen Titans cartoon was notable for how often it would use somewhat racy material in the episodes we did a list on that subject. Just wait here a sec. Well, in "Laundry Day," the fan girls were lucky to have their cameras with them, because they got an eyeful! We see him sort through a variety of robotic bodies each one more outlandish than the next until he suddenly comes across a visibly female body in his closet!

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