Dota 2 forum matchmaking

I will protest this game I am so pissed off this keeps happening to me so over this. People post stats for games where they were clearly the best player on a losing team, cite the wonky or misguided items and skill builds of their teammates, and just attribute it to the Trench losing them games they should have won. New Ranked Season Update Jan. Last edited by Kryil-; at I notice players exploit this bug more often in the early hours of the morning with them switching to different languages

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It costs money to have alternative ranked accounts and it prevents bots from getting into ranked.

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EG vs F Penguins 3h 15m. Active List of Mafia Games 2. I am not sure why they have leaderboards if they allow players to exploit obvious bugs. The matchid of the game The name of the feeding player The name of the boosted player The amount of games you found where the player got boosted if possible including matchids Please understand that this is not a place to rant about lost games. Last edited by bc; at Both had anime avatars from the same show 5.

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dota 2 forum matchmaking
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dota 2 forum matchmaking
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