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Our little selves couldn't believe it. Magazines will be able to showcase that and capitalize off that without seeming all weird and creepy. Living in the public eye can be terribly demanding. They shared the role of Michelle Tanner, a cutesy toddler on the sitcom Full House, whose unbearable tweeness did not prevent it becoming one of America's biggest shows. The first thing I do when I get in that store is grab the microphone and start yakking. Expert advice about becoming a woman from Janice Dickinson, J. The twins have started taking on riskier projects, some of them openly sexual.

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While they already sell so many products under their name, they might want to consider moving into the self-help realm.

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America's sweethearts say so long to puppy love

Tell them to start wearing Zac Posen and Heidi Slimane. We certainly suspend a level of disbelief when watching an Olsens film, but this one verges on ridiculous. On the other hand, and more seriously, if they ever do intend on being taken seriously as actresses, they're going to have to do some projects independently. Maybe, as they enter adulthood, their days of making money as entertainers are over. First off, if they wanna move forward with their career, they gotta get comfortable with their image.

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