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Thousand Faces, and one of the Five Captains of S. An ancient group of the top Murim clans that maintain order between the various factions and works to cover up the Murim existence. Elder Kwon figures his real identity when he uses a technique only two people in Chun-Do-Moon would know. C members to 'greet' the law enforcement that was on the way, ruining Shi-Woon's plan to stall for their arrival. Young Murim upstarts that have become disillusioned with the traditional ways of the Alliance and Clans. Ji-Gun doesn't recognize her at first without all the crazy gothic lolita and make up on; and she's still really pretty even when looking unkempt.

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Come, I'll show you the power of the Sun-Woo clan!

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The Breaker New Waves

The entire clan is feared throughout Murim. Shi-Woon is our loser protagonist, an Ordinary High-School Student who is constantly picked on by bullies. To Shi-Woon You fought well. Many Murim members do not know much about their techniques and go as far to openly challenge Sun-Woo clan members to find out. She wants Jin-Ie dead for hitting her in the face. He is also leader for a Special Ops that deals with Murim activity for the government.

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