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There's surely nothing wrong with letting girls run around on the beach in just bikini bottoms, based on the fact that they have nothing more to cover up than their male counterparts at that age. Even though I know the notion of the bikini as a sexual object is about as atomic as a Blondie tribute act these days, it remains stuffed in the back of my sock drawer until the holidays and the promise of a foreign beach draw near. Realizing that Kade's identity was more complex than being a tomboy or lesbian, he and his family sought support from their local LGBT community center and searched for resources on the internet. But the real issue is why we see the bikini as inherently sexual in the first place. Though Kade's parents are supportive and nurturing, it hasn't always been easy. This student is not part of our GSA at this time, but we feel it's important to be proactive in educating our school community and preventing harassment and bullying.

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Of course, the sexualisation of young girls is a real problem, but the mini adults that we see drowning in make-up as they stagger around in their heels at a beauty pageant are a far cry from a child on the beach in her swimming gear, whether that consists of a bikini or a Victorian bathing suit complete with pantaloons.

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Bikinis on young girls – why is that a problem?

Quit being such a girl. They're short enough and get at matters quickly. Download the Gender Matters professionally developed curriculum and action guide to facilitate classroom discussion. So why, while a swimming costume or bottoms are safe and desexualised, is a bikini quite the opposite? I feel that we achieved that. In this experimental short, she explores how following her own dreams and instincts allowed her to become a college basketball star, sports writer, and the publisher of the first ever women-in-sports magazine. We have now planned a poster campaign at our school to educate the school community about stereotypes and homophobia.

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